OT051 OTTO BX Sport model 1/18

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OT051 OTTO BX Sport model 1/18

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I've got this OTTO BX Sport 1/18 model (part number OT051) that I'll be selling. Don't confuse it with the cheaper Norev one, or the 1/43 and 1/24 scale versions. OTTO make just about the best BX models that have ever been, one of 2000 (I don't know which number this is, but it says on the bottom).

If anyone wants it at the BX40/CCC National, let me know and I'll bring it. Comes with box etc.
Also have an XM Multimedia (green) I'll likely be selling.

£150. You could probably stick it for £200 on eBay when you get home 😆

link to the model in question: https://otto-models.com/en/ot051/51-cit ... sport.html

Can bring to CCC National/BX40 event.
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