TGD manual breaking in Scotland

Buy or sell parts etc. Please put 'Wanted' in the title if it is a request for parts.
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TGD manual breaking in Scotland

Post by nirgunapa »

White series 2 ... s/84705189

Anybody on here up that way?

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Post by NeilGP »


The BX is actually in Carnforth, Lancashire.

I have been in communication with the advertiser and the BX did have an MOT but required a new brake pipe. The owner was quoted a huge amount for repair and was going to scrap it.
"Offered £150 at scrap yard but got to look after enthusiasts first"

Sounds good with black interior and the Engine can also be heard running. Engine £50 with gearbox

I suggest that anyone interested should contact him, Gordon I think his name is.
(I have claimed the front struts, rear arm fuel filler and Alternator )

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Post by mds141 »

I live 10 mins from Carnforth, so if anyone wants any parts picking up[within reason size wise] i'll gladly do that and bring down to Stratford. Mark.
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